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You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting?
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5 August 2011

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Many of us would agree that spending wisely is a daunting task that doesn’t necessarily culminate being miser or stasher. Rapidly evolving professional environment and increasingly diversifying businesses have thrown in enormously wide ranging career opportunities that facilitate fatter pay packets and several varieties of benefits. Some of us prudently plan and strategize our finances and distinguish wisely between the amount to be spent, saved or invested for better returns. However, since many people do not have this forethought, they end much regretting about the money squandered but not saved; though do not have much idea about the measures to be taken for this. Home bookkeeping Lite 4 is an application that can help in controlling expenditures and budgeting easily for all kinds of users.

Home bookkeeping Lite 4 opens with a neatly organized interface with the main options placed at the top panel with vivid looking icons and the main screen arranged like a spreadsheet in which the user can streamline and organize spending and the categories on which the expenditure is to be done in a chronological order. This sheet can be suitably edited and customized by the user and saves all the monetary transactions kept in. It successfully records the bills and credit card statements and records and checkbook entries along with the receipts for varied purchases done and consequently helps in planning the budget and cutting out any unsolicited expenditure. It contains all the vital tools for calculating and analyzing the incoming and outgoing cash flow with superlative reporting functionalities that helps the user to focus.

To sum up, Home bookkeeping Lite comes across as an enhanced tool that contains some user friendly and concise controls for effortless financial management and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance.

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You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting? You tried various paper planners and electronic spreadsheet programs just to give up after a few days? Don't panic! With Home Bookkeeping Lite, it's a snap! It's your chance to finally become a savvy spender and protect yourself from the danger of debt.
Unlike the usual paper and electronic spreadsheets, Home Bookkeeping Lite from Keepsoft is your personal financial secretary and advisor. It won't let you forget about your budget. It will pop-up on schedule recording all your money transactions. After recording your bills, your credit card statements, your checkbook register and receipts for your groceries (and more), you will be able to start planning your budget, cutting your variable spending, and optimizing your fixed costs (by refinancing your mortgage, for example, to get a lower interest rate.)
Home Bookkeeping Lite has all the necessary features to help you calculate and analyze your cash flows. A built-in reporting engine helps you to focus on various aspects of your budgeting.
Home bookkeeping Lite
Home bookkeeping Lite
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